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When dating-agency owner Rose Harkness approaches a world-renowned ice hockey team with a daring PR proposal, it puts her manhandling skills to the ultimate test…especially when she realizes that the best of the bunch, enigmatic owner Plato Kuragin, isn't a man she can handle. At all.

Wealth and sinful good looks have given Plato rock-star privileges when it comes to women, but Rose refuses to become another groupie—no matter how her body burns for his expert touch. But after an outrageously sexy taste of the forbidden, Rose is hooked—and her heart is in serious trouble.…

She poked him - hard - in the centre of his chest for emphasis.  'There's only room for one person in this lift, cowboy, and it ain't you.'

'Is that right?' he growled.

She hadn't expected him to come back hard, but she hadn't really thought he would follow her... had she?

The doors closed and she was trapped in there with him.  The lift began to descend.

She wouldn't be giving him the pleasure.  Rose stepped back, plastered her clutch bag to her waist and stared dead straight ahead, as if he didn't exist.  Her foot began to tap.  She really couldn't help it, her body felt like the energy map of southwest Canada.

He was looking her up and down as if she was a poddy calf he was thinking of buying.

'If this is foreplay, detka, I'm looking forward to the main event.'

Rose's foot stopped tapping, her head swivelled.  'What did you say to me?'

'Usually dinner and some conversation appeals to the civilised man in me, but if you need the drama to get in the mood we can go there.'

'The only place we're going is down,' she bit back, then could have kicked herself.  She half expected him to say something disgusting, because men always did, twisting a girl's words, making her say the things they wanted to hear.

Except Plato did none of those things.  Instead he laughed softly and the sound was so blatantly sexual Rose felt the backs of her knees go.  Shoot!, she was in some trouble with this man.  He had all the cool, calm and control and she had the blasted trembles.

Against her better judgement Rose risked another glance at him.  She wanted to shake him and demand to know why he couldn't help her out.  She wasn't asking for all that much, just a couple of his players for an hour of their time.  She was going to pay them.

Pay them, Rose?  A smidgeon of what they're worth.

No, to be truthful she was hoping they would overlook the modicum of money she was offering and do it because it was fun, and she would bat her eyes at them and...

Drat this man for making her feel like she was selling something besides her business.

'You've got some nerve, you know,' she erupted, 'dragging me out here, making with the 'tell me about your business, baby' and then thinking insincere flattery is going to get you laid.  If we were in Texas my daddy would take a bullwhip to you.'

'Fortunate we're not in Texas, then,' he responded as the lift gave a slight movement and the doors began to open.  'Although I'm beginning to understand why you like it rough, dushka.'

Rose didn't think, she just reacted, slammed her purse hard into his mid-section.  'There you go, rough enough for you?'

Harlequin Presents - August 2012
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