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"I want you off my property."

But what Nik Voronov really wants is Sybella - in his bed!

Nik's not a Voronov by blood, but he's ferociously protective of his adoptive family.  So when he believes single mother Sybella Parminter is taking advantage of his grandfather he ruthlessly strips her of her job!  But when unexpected desire threatens to consume them both, sweet Sybella might just be the redemption this brooding billionaire needs.

'I expected to be greeted by staff.'
    She guessed that put her in her place.  Sybella surreptitiously admired his rear which like the rest of him appeared to be pure muscle, which was when he just tossed the grenade in.
    'I also thought you were a man.'
    And there went what was left of her self-image tonight.
    'Wh-what?' she bleated, like a stupid lamb for slaughter.
    'I mean obviously you're not,' he said, frowning at her as if he'd just noticed her stricken expression and was assessing what it meant.
    'No,' she choked, 'not a man.  Thanks.'
    'It was dark and you're wearing uni-sex clothing.'  He was hanging up his coat, drawing attention to the flex of muscles along his back.
    'This isn't uni-sex.'  Sybella looked down at her considerable padded bulk.  'It's oyster pink.'
    His expression told her he didn't make the connection.
    'Pink is traditionally a female colour,' she spelt out.
    He continued to look doubtful.
    She huffed out a breath.  'Look, this parka was clearly marked "women size L" on the rack,' she insisted.  Then stopped.
    Had she just informed him she was size large?
    Yes, yes she had.
    'It was dark,' he repeated, and the frown was back.
    He closed the door behind him crowding her back out into the corridor.
    When she picked up her bruised and bloodied self-esteem from the floor Sybella would remind herself she was tall, wearing layers and a ski-mask and he was right - it was dark.  Her throat felt tight, because it wasn't that dark.
From "Redemption of a Ruthless Billionaire" by Lucy Ellis
Harlequin Presents -January 2018
ISBN: 978-1335419149
Text Copyright 2018 Lucy Ellis
Cover Art Copyright 2018 Harlequin Enterprises Limited.
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Lucy Ellis