Mummy, there's a Giant standing in our garden, what do you think about that?... "Redemption of a Ruthless Billionaire"
Sybella is a young widow with a five year old daughter, juggling home schooling, part time work and volunteering in the field she fully intends to have a career inů one day, when she's got a spare five minutes.

Fortunately the elderly Russian gentleman who has taken up residence in the local stately has been kind enough to open up the house to the public on Thursdays.  Sybella sees a career opening for herself and takes it.  Unfortunately nobody told the house's owner, the grandson.

Nik Voronov is one tough Russian oligarch.  Able to destroy that beanstalk Sybella's been climbing with a single snap of his hand.  When he comes down it's to call to account the woman who appears to have his grandfather all stitched up!

Instead Sybella lets the giant into her cottage where she steals his heart, he breaks her bed and in the doing lays to rest some body-image demons her short-lived marriage gave her.  But Nik has his own demons, and an agenda that does not acknowledge the truth of fairy tales and happy endings.  But what is he going to do when faced with a woman with mermaid hair who demands both?

This is the story of Sybella the giant slayer and one very lonely, gorgeous giant looking for redemption.

I referenced the 1947 film "The Ghost and Mrs Muir" in this story because as independent young widows go I think Gene Tierney's interpretation is a fine one, and while Nik owes a great deal to Rex Harrison's overbearing Captain Gregg, I like to think Sybella has a little of Mrs Lucy Muir's determination.  And of course because this is a Harlequin Modern/Presents there's the obligatory billionaire's yacht (which could be thought of as a schooner).

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