Betty Boop and Black Faced Sheep...  
"Kept at the Argentine's Command"
As soon as I finished Gigi's story in Caught in His Gilded World, I knew I had to give her best friend Lulu her happy ever after.

Lulu with her black bob and her unlikely career as a showgirl reminded me of Betty Boop, standing on stage and wondering why she's being whistled at!

She would be following Gigi up the aisle in a bridesmaid's dress, at Gigi and Khaled's wedding of the year in a castle in Scotland.  But I had to get her there first, and Lulu has a little secret.  She's agoraphobic.  Getting her on that plane was not going to be easy.  Imagine if she was met at the other end by a Presents alpha male who would be driving her to the wedding.  What would she do?

Alejandro du Crozier - polo god - made his debut in Caught in His Gilded World during a phone conversation with Khaled, and he's so cynical and such a playboy, I thought it would serve him right if I gave him to Lulu.  So I did and sent them on a little road trip through Scotland, complete with black faced sheep invading the road and a haunted* bed and breakfast, and watched him uncover her secret and deal with it.

My wonderful father died before he could see this story in book form, although he heard a lot of it over the phone in bits and bobs, and I could not have written the changing the car tyre scene without him!  Because of all his help I got him to write his own dedication to the book.  It's a bittersweet feeling to see it there now.

Kept at the Argentine's Command comes out of a love of all things Scottish, the kitschier the better, the film It Happened One Night and my own experience in a haunted bed and breakfastů not as, ahem, eventful as Lulu's.

* Author's note:  no ghosts appear in this story, more's the pity

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