Life is a Cabaret... "Caught in His Gilded World"
As soon as Gigi tumbled down from the tank where she performs nightly with two tame Burmese pythons, Jack and Edna, onto the stage at Paris's L'oiseau Bleu cabaret, I knew she was Tinkerbelle.

Interfering, sprightly and in the way a bit.

Khaled Kitaev is no Peter Pan, he's more Captain Hook.  He's carrying some scars from the past, he's got a calculating eye on the prize and he shimmers with more than a little menace.  Gigi might find all this intimidating but she doesn't let it flatten her.

She leaps to her nimble feet and it's on.

The story goes something like this…

Russian oil oligarch Khaled Kitaev has won a Paris cabaret in a lucky hand of poker, and the City of Light is up-in-arms and agog to see what the marauding barbarian will do with their cultural icon.

Irish-born showgirl Gigi Valente has her own personal reasons for wanting to keep the cabaret on its feet and isn't afraid to go toe to toe with him.

Both of them get the wrong idea about the other, then the media joins in and Khaled responds by exercising his owner's prerogative - and brigand proclivities - and bundles Gigi off stage and onto a plane like war booty.  Is Khaled going to trade her and the cabaret to get what he wants, or could Gigi be about to get her happy ending without her man?

Come and see the show and find out.

"Caught In His Gilded World" has the scent of greasepaint and feats of athleticism, the boulevards of Paris and sparkly footwear, kidnap, snow-capped mountains in the region where Noah parked his Ark, a Rapunzel-worthy twelfth century tower, a bed of marmot pelts, a cut-throat razor and blisters.

It has a red-haired heroine who wears her heart on her sleeve, and a blade-between-his-teeth brigand of a hero with a wild, untamed beard… and there are showgirls.  Lots and lots of showgirls.

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Lucy Ellis