When I was fourteen years old I was reading aloud yet another story about pioneering girls in covered wagons, or it could have been dead Russian princesses to my long-suffering Nanna when - sipping her post-game glass of whiskey, stockinged feet up on the bed - she suggested I write "one of those little Mills and Boon romances the ladies at the bowls are always reading."  I recall rolling my eyes and uttering the words that now make me smile, Believe me, Nanna, I'll never write for Mills and Boon.  The lesson is, as in many fairytales, Grandmother knows best - until she's eaten by the wolf.

I am now writing very happily for Mills and Boon and view romance writing as a chance to incorporate my love of fairytales and old films.  Presents gives me the opportunity to bring these two things together and to experiment (to a small degree) all the while keeping my eye on what the Presents series line caters to, Alpha heroes who in real life should probably be locked up and the women who wrap them around their pinkie fingers.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and enjoy telling perfect strangers I write romance for a living.  Never fails to put a smile on people's faces.

Lucy xx

Lucy Ellis