Lucy Ellis
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Hallo, I'm Lucy, welcome to my website.

I write contemporary fairytales for Harlequin Presents.  My stories are driven by a love of 1930s screwball comedies, 1940s film noir and fairytales.

So if you love the essentials of a Presents novel, gorgeous alpha hero and glam European setting and you don't mind it mixed with a goofy girl or a glitzy princess wearing a fallen halo crown or just a high-functioning crazy woman you have come to the right place.

My books are funny, feminist and move fast.  So watch your step.

I hope you find something you like.

Lucy xx

Harlequin Presents...
latest release
"I want you off my property."

But what Nik Voronov really wants is Sybella - in his bed!

Nik's not a Voronov by blood, but he's ferociously protective of his adoptive family.  So when he believes single mother Sybella Parminter is taking advantage of his grandfather he ruthlessly strips her of her job!  But when unexpected desire threatens to consume them both, sweet Sybella might just be the redemption this brooding billionaire needs.